How Can You Tell If You're At A Kansas City Sausage Fest??? Here's Guide: It's So Meaty!

This Summer is full of parties and celebrations but let's not pretend all of the events are equal.

It's tough to attract women to any gathering and most organizers fail to plan for the fairer sex. So we've assembled this quick and dirty guide for patorns.

You are at a KC Sausage Fest if:

1. It's in the Crossroads.

2. There's a local band.

3. Event planners plan to discuss tech in the invitation.

4. Organizers call it a "brunch" but it starts at 8:30 in the morning.

5. Anything having to do with bacon.

Hope this helps. Be sure to come back when we serve up more useful, informative and juicy advice about Kansas City!